Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes are your dresses?

       We are not able to carry all of our dresses in every size, while we do try to keep a variety of sizes available, most of our samples are around a 10UK. If you would like to know more about the sizes available for a specific dress or designer, please fill in the enquiry form on the Contact us page.

Someone I know has already ordered their dress with you, what if I pick the same one?

       Please let us know before you arrive for your appointment so we can keep that dress out of sight to avoid any awkwardness. 

Do you offer alteration services?

       We offer an alteration package for £250. This includes: taking the hem up, take in / let out seams, a bustle loop for the train and a hand loop for your wrist. For any other specific requirements, a quote will be given during the appointment.

I'm planning on losing weight for the wedding, what do I do?

       Don't delay searching for your dress because you aren't happy with your body at that present time, if you wait too long it might be too late to get a new dress delivered for you and then altered to fit. Talk to us when we take your measurements, we will advise you which size to order, keeping your weight loss in mind. But remember, it's always easier to take a dress in at the seams than to let it out, don't order a size that will put you under too much pressure. Love yourself in the dress as you are now, and it will only feel better once you have reached your goal.

What if I haven't got time to order a new dress in?

      We do have many sample sale dresses available that are ready to take home the same day. 

Do you offer storage for my dress?

      Yes, storage is £15 per month or £150 for 1 year, this is payable in full at the time your dress has arrived. There is no charge for the months after the date of your first fitting. You are more than welcome to take the dress away with you and every bride will receive a breathable dress cover.

How long do the appointments last?

     Your luxury appointment will last for around an hour. 

How many people can I bring with me?

      We welcome you to bring with you 1 guest to adhere to social distance guidelines.

Is it too early to buy my dress?

       It's never too early to start looking for your dress, it is best to start looking and trying on at least 1 year before your wedding date as some designer's can take up to 8 months for delivery, and we would advise leaving yourself 2 months extra for alterations.

What price ranges are your dresses?

       We have a price point for every bride! Starting at £400 for a sample sale dress up to £7300 for a bespoke, tailor made gown. Most of our dresses are around the £2000 - £2500 mark. If you would like to know the price range for a specific designer or dress please fill in our enquiry form on the Contact us  page.

What happens when I have chosen the one ?

       To order in a new dress, we require 50% initial payment and the remaining balance is payable within 7 days once your dress has arrived in the boutique. For sample sale gowns, the full sale amount is payable at the time of purchase.

Can I take photos?

       We do not allow photographs during appointments as our collections are extremely exclusive. We would rather you choose your dress based on how special it makes you feel, not how good it looks on a camera phone. It's more likely that the sample will not fit perfectly, so it won't offer you a true representation of how you will look on the day. 

Please see our In-store purchase Terms and Conditions for further information

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