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Terms & Conditions

These are the Terms and Condition on which we will supply an order to you. Please read them carefully. They will tell you how we will provide products, situations in which a contract may change or end and further information about our services. 

1.    Payment of Order
a) Customers are required to pay at least 50% non-refundable initial payment on the date of ordering all Bridal Gowns. All other goods or services must be paid in full on the day of order.
b) Any outstanding balances MUST be paid within 7 calendar days of the dress arriving in-store. 
If you do not pay us for the products when you are supposed to and you still do not make payment within 7 days of us reminding you that payment is due, we may suspend supply of the products until you have paid us the outstanding amounts. 

c) No goods may be removed from the Company's premises until the full balance of the order has been settled. In cases where payment is made by cheque, goods will not be released until the cheque has been cleared through the Company's bank account, which may take up to 10 working days, unless it is supported by a valid cheque guarantee card to the value of the amount. All gowns and accessories remain in the property of the Company until paid for in full.

d) Customers should retain this sales contract and all payment receipts as proof of purchase.

2.    Ordering of Goods
a) On the date of purchase, and by signing this contract you agree with the style, size and colour of the dress ordered. The Company is not responsible for the  Customer changing their mind about the colour or style, or any changes that may or may not occur in the Customer's body shape, size or height. The size of the dress ordered was based on measurements taken on the date of the order and agreed with the Customer prior to purchase using the individual designer's sizing chart. If your measurements change it will be your responsibility to notify us, in which case we will confirm if we are able to make further alterations prior to delivery and what any estimated additional costs will be.

b) During the ordering process we will advise the Customer when the products will be delivered, please be aware, where we have given estimated delivery dates, this can be subject to change due to availability of fabrics and the designers delivery schedule with the manufacturers. We are not responsible for delays outside of our control. The approximate delivery time for most designers is between 6-8 months.

3.   Cancellation of Order    

a) When a new dress order is cancelled, no refunds of monies or initial payments previously paid will be given. All Sample Sale purchases are final and no refunds will be given. Initial payments are non-refundable unless we cannot accept or fulfil your order.    

b) For reasons of hygiene, any item, dress or accessories, which have been removed from the Company's premises may not be returned for exchange or reimbursement.

4.   Ownership

a) You will only have complete ownership of the product once it has been fully paid for, if there is a remaining outstanding balance still due on a product, we reserve the right to withhold the item until payment has been made, regardless of the wedding date.

b) Nobody else has any rights under this contract. This contract is between you and us. No other person shall have any rights to enforce any of its terms.


5.   Storage
a) You will only own the dress once it is fully paid for. You are welcome to take it away with you after this, or we offer a storage option for a monthly payment. This is an advance payment in full and payable at the same time your outstanding balance is due. This does not include the months of your alterations, there are no storage charges from the date of your first fitting.    

b) We will not be held responsible for any damages to the item once it has been removed from the premises.

6.   Alterations
a)  The price of the garment DOES NOT include any cost incurred for alterations carried out by either:
   i) the Company on the Customer's behalf, or ii) the Customer on a private basis.

b) The balance of goods must be settled in full by the Customer on or before the date of the first fitting, before any alterations are carried out.

7.   Collection of Goods
a) If goods are not collected by the Customer within 3 months of the wedding date shown on the sales contract, the contract will be cancelled without any further notification to the Customer and no refund of monies paid will be given.

8.   Colour Matching
a) The Company is not able to guarantee exact colour matching of individual garments.

9.   Liability
a) In the event the Company breaches this agreement, it's liability under this contract is limited to the Customer's direct losses arising from such breach.

b) The Company will not be liable to the Customer for any breaches caused by circumstances outside the Company's control, including, but not restricted to, acts of God, war, riot, malicious damage, fire, flood or storm.

10.   Statutory Rights
a) The Terms and Conditions outlined above do not in any way affect the Customer's statutory rights.

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